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BCA Pool Leagues National 8-Ball Championships

Posted by insidepoolmag on May 14, 2008

32nd BCA National 8-Ball Champions Singles Scotch Wrap-up

Open Scotch Doubles


Mike Williams Susan Williams

Chandler, Arizona



Mary Rakin Colin Mazaika

Mountain View, California



Lyn Wechsler Tammy Brook

Rochester, New York


Masters Scotch Doubles


Chad Vilmont Jessica Frideres

Fort Dodge, Iowa



John Gabriel Michelle McDermott

Tulsa, Oklahoma



Andrew Quinn Kristen Werner

Overland, Missouri


Men’s Open Singles


Danny Barnes

Newport, Michigan



Sam Kirby

Muncie, Indiana



Shayne Morrow

Erie, Pennsylvania


Women’s Open Singles


Noel Campos

Modesto, California



Mary Rakin

Daly City, California



Serena Copenance

Manitoba, CANADA


Men’s Masters Singles


Justin Bergman

Fairview Heights, Illinois



Jeff Boucher

Bozeman, Montana



Tony Sulsar

Sherman, Texas


Women’s Masters Singles


Iris Ranola

Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES



Kyu Yi

Houston, Texas



Amalia Matas Heredia

Barcelona, SPAIN


Men’s Senior Singles


Tim Joseph

Pocatello, Idaho



Carl Sampson

Nova Scotia, CANADA



Jose Zaragoza

Fort Worth, Texas


Women’s Senior Singles


Holly Robinson

Concord, California



Cheryl Pritchard

Moyock, North Carolina



Kim Anderson

Boise, Idaho


Super Senior Singles


Donald Harp

Riverside, California



Randy Goettlicher

Carrollton, Texas



Angel Garcia

Thornton, Colorado


Men’s Player Member Singles


Ramesh Gokhul




Michel Couvrette

Newport Beach, California



Donald Helbig

Oakland, Maryland


Women’s Player Member Singles


Sunny Griffin

Avon, Indiana



Mary Ann Marr

Jackson, Michigan



Keitha Belin

Shiprock, New Mexico


Men’s Grand Master Singles


Jason Kirkwood

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Gary Abood

West Monroe, Louisiana


Scott Tollefson

Houston, Texas

Women’s Grand Master Singles


Kelly Fisher

Charlotte, North Carolina


Bonnie Plowman

Longmont, Colorado


Rebecca Wagner

Chicago, Illinois


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BCA National 8-Ball Championships to host World Pool Masters

Posted by insidepoolmag on February 14, 2008

BCA National 8-Ball Championships to host World Pool Masters

BCA National 8-Ball Championships to host Matchroom’s World Pool Masters at the Riviera, Las Vegas, May 9-11, 2008

Reigning WPA World 9-Ball Champion Daryl Peach (ENG); Player of the Year, and BCA Pool League representative, Shane Van Boening (USA); 18 year old phenomenon, and 2007 World Junior Champion, Ko Pin Ye (TPE); 2003 World Pool Masters Champion Tony Drago (ENG); 2001 WPA World 9-Ball Champion Mika Immonen (FIN), and multiple UPA tour winner Rodney Morris (USA) have all agreed to compete in the 2008 World Pool Masters at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, May 9-11, 2008.

Matchroom’s Luke Riches reports, The invite list is taking shape but, through our agreement with the WPA, we take the top four ranked players on the Euro Tour after their next event which finishes on the 24th of this month.

16 internationally ranked players will compete for the coveted title of World Pool Master. Europe, Asia, and America will be represented in the all or nothing, nerve racking, single elimination event.

5 time Masters Champion Ralf Souquet (GER), 2005 World Pool Masters Champion Francisco Bustamante (PHI), 2004 WPA World 9-Ball Champion Alex Pagulayan (PHI) and 2007 Diamond Derby City Classic 9-Ball Champion Niels Feijen (NED) have yet to confirm their invitation.

BCAPL’s Mark Griffin acknowledges, Our players love professional action. This is the first time the Masters has been held on U.S. soil. We are honored Matchroom has chosen us. It’s been a tradition to entertain the thousands of BCA Pool League members who travel the globe to compete in our National 8-Ball Championships. This year will be no different.

As always, the World Pool Masters will be televised throughout the world. The BCAPL, in conjunction with the Riviera, is working on a seating plan that will accommodate a few hundred spectators. Tickets will be made available in March on the Playbca.com website, and if any are left, at the Championships. Stay tuned.

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Qlympics BCAPL Big Table Championships

Posted by insidepoolmag on September 24, 2007

Qlympics BCAPL Big Table Championships

The BCA Pool League invites you to Three Weeks of Pool Bliss when the Qlympics come to the Clarion Hotel Louisville, KY, November 1-18. The Qlympics is a guaranteed $10,000-added event and may be as much as $30,000 added, based on full fields. You can participate in any or all of the following events:
November 1: Mini tournaments start
November 2-3: Scotch Doubles
November 3-4: 8-Ball Singles
November 10-11: 8-Ball Teams
November 17-18: Juniors 8- and 9-Ball
November 17-18: Qlympics Regional 8-Ball Teams and Singles (double-elimination format on 7-foot Diamond tables)
As this the first year for Qlympics, we expect smaller fields. Any good 9-foot player should want to enter—smaller fields means that your odds are greater to win money and titles.
The deadline for early bird entries is October 6. All entries must be postmarked or faxed by that date. Late fees begin October 7.
For more information and for entry forms, visit playbca.com.
You can also see the pros as they compete in Qlympics U.S. Open events during the same Three Weeks of Pool Bliss. There are 24/7 action rooms with late-night food and drink. What more enticement do you need?
Get Your Butt There

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Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Co-Sponsors Qlympics

Posted by insidepoolmag on August 29, 2007

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Co-Sponsors Qlympics
Now under new ownership and management, the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center has committed to co-sponsor the first annual Qlympics, a colossal billiards event, November 1-18, 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky.
“We are proud to host and co-sponsor the first annual Qlympics event and anticipate future years of participation,” said the Clarion’s Adam McDonald. “This is a truly unique opportunity for us. Pool is now an international sport and it’s an honor to contribute to its growth. We look forward to being of service to players, fans, exhibitors, press, and all who attend. We intend to make their stay as comfortable as possible during the ‘round the clock’ activity.”
Stay where you play! — The Clarion’s support of Qlympics comes from revenues generated by players staying at the hotel. So, to participate in the added money, you must be a registered guest for the duration of your event.
Please make your reservations at the Clarion. Call 502.491.4830 and mention “Qlympics.” Sorry, reservations made through 3rd party web sites, like hotels.com, etc. will not entitle you to share in the $20,000–guaranteed–added money. With full fields, the added will increase to $64,000 pushing the pro events prize fund to $176,000.
Qlympics is an OPEN event in a “player friendly” venue with a 24/7 action room and late night food and drink. And, like all playbca.com events, there will be plenty of warm-up and nightly mini tournaments.
For entry forms and more, visit playbca.com
Get your butt there!

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Texas Open Players Tour Hits Grapevine

Posted by insidepoolmag on August 14, 2007

Texas Open Players Tour Hits Grapevine

It’s a long drive from Vegas to Grapevine, Texas but, the good news is, it gets cooler. Delivering a truck full of 7 foot Smart Tables, and then installing them to pool player perfection, is all in a days work for Ric Jones, Diamond’s mechanic on a mission.

150 plus, pumped-up BCAPL, VNEA APA members were soon to arrive and compete in 3 divisions: Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Scotch Doubles. Ric’s team was on deadline to convert the Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center into an ocean of Tour Blue Simonis 860 covering the 7’ Diamonds and their tournament standard, tight, 4-1/2” Pro cut pockets. Red Circle cue balls and Super Aramith Pro balls round out the best equipment known to tournament play today. The new BCAPL tournament lights, complete with built in scoring beads, make it easy for competitors, and their fans, to keep track of the action.

Grapevine is just 5 minutes north of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center hotel overlooks a tall, cascading fountain on a lake nestled in 40 forested acres–not exactly your average pool tournament venue.

Local BCA Pool League Operator Robert Tabor garnered state-wide competitive, pool playing men and women who grabbed at the chance for a weekend away to hone their pool skills, and enjoy the services and amenities expected of a top vacation resort. Where else can you enjoy a post match cool down with a dive into a lake, or mellow out with your other pole and indulge in a spot of fishing? Sigel and Hall would have loved it.

This is the first year of the Texas Open Players Tour. The first event was in Houston last June. Grapevine is the second stop of three scheduled for 2007.

The Texas tour is, undoubtedly, destined for success. 110 Men signed on in the Open Singles. There were 63 Mixed Scotch Doubles teams which accounted for more than half the field being women. 44 decided to go it alone and vie for the women’s title.

Our thanks to all who participated and congratulations to those who placed, and of course, our winners.

1st Place: Ashley Nandrasy – Metro Pool League (METRO) Arlington, TX / Southwest Eight-Ball League: (SWEL) Dallas, TX / 8-Ball Express Aubrey, TX
2nd Place: R L Casper – Southwest Eight-ball League (SWEL) Dallas, TX (Not Pictured)
3rd Place: Annie Doyle – Austin Pool Players League (A.P.P.L.E.) Austin, TX

Mixed Scotch Doubles
1st Place: Richard and Patricia Wenninger – West Texas Billiards Mineral Wells, TX
2nd Place: Jeff Georges and Christine Powell – Southwest Eight-Ball League (SWEL) Dallas, TX

1st Place: Miguel (Mike) Jackson – Metro Pool League (METRO) Arlington, TX
2nd Place: Tony Ewart – Metro Pool League (METRO) Arlington, TX
3rd Place: Curtis Gage – Metro Pool League (METRO) Arlington, TX (Not Pictured)

Take note, one thing is for sure, don’t mess with the men of Arlington.

For those who spent too much time fishing instead of practicing, the Texas Open Players Tour offered a 2nd Chance Single Elimination 9-Ball Tournament. Our congratulations to Tom Wilerson – Southwest Eight-Ball League (SWEL) Sherman, TX on his 1st place finish.

The next stop of the Texas Open Players Tour is in the Ambassador Hotel. Amarillo, Texas, November 2-4. See you there.

Need a tournament near you? Call Ric Jones at 702.719.7665 or visit playbca.com

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